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"Pianist Mary Ekler was a one-person orchestra."


"...a true and rare talent...Her caring spirit and friendly personality radiated from the stage to every individual in the packed house."

"It must be mentioned that every one of the evening's performances was enhanced by the keyboard genius of Mary Ekler."

"Musical Director Mary Ekler conducted a top-notch band on stage to push the show where it needed to go. There were no "good enough" attempts on stage that night --only full-blown theater of the kind people have been starving to see in the SCV; but not anymore."

"Backing up Reddy's dynamically powerful vocals was Ekler's piano, which was emotional and flawless."

"Thanks to an extraordinary arrangement by the gifted Mary Ekler, what we hear is a slow-paced, inner-directed monologue, its melody and chords alike keeping house ever so neatly on the borderline of Schoenberg atonality. Quietly, expertly, it mocks everything that is happy in "Get Happy," and yet far from being a downer, it comes clothed in hope and promise. For Reddy, it is a high point in her lifetime subscription to jazz and the truth it expresses."

"As gifted as Glenn Yarbrough is, he was very nearly overshadowed by his keyboard player/backing vocalist, Mary Ekler. In addition to being a splendid musician, Ekler harmonized beautifully with Yarbrough."

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